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Creating opportunities for the NBC family to fellowship in smaller groups while establishing, strengthening, encouraging unity and obedience to our Lord and Savior.
Sunday Morning Worship Service
A time to sing praises to our Savior in a spirit of gratefulness. To worship Christ in word, deed and song while sharing our personal experiences to usher others into the presence of the Lord and to provide a place of service to fulfil our individual callings.
Dinner Sunday 4th Sundays
An opportunity to fellowship with one another over a potluck style meal, while modeling serving others in the spirit of meekness and unity. Exposing leaders to visitors and providing a personal touch of who we are and what we have to offer to those in need.
Singspiration 5th Sundays
Every fifth Sunday in place of our normal church service the members share personally with the church through testimonials, songs, poems, dance, rap or preaching what the Lord gives them.
Friday Night Prayer Carol “Ma Carol” Rhodes
Open to all with the intent of lifting others and their needs to Jesus through praying, including all of NBC’s ministries and its Pastor, sharing prayer request and Bible based promises, and to touch and agree here on Earth for God’s will to be done.
Health and Wellness Minister Tony & Regina Parks
We try to address any aspects of health-related information/issues, i.e. guiding and providing social and medical services. We present health education. And we work with the church and community in obtaining ,providing . and incorporating resources.
The Church Store Karyn Woods
Conveniently operates within the fellowship room allowing refreshments to be purchased immediately following the Sunday Services excluding Dinner Sunday. The church store assists with providing tokens of appreciation to our Pastor and guest speakers with possible.
Ushers Board
NBC’s members who surrendered themselves to serve in the ministry of greeting, seating and modeling self-control, acceptance and appreciation of others while ensuring that the service flows with as little distraction as possible, by handling all situations discreetly.
Media Minister Scott Layne
Provides a wonderful opportunity to get the Gospel out and to share with those outside our doors the truths that god has revealed to our ministry through our Preacher and those who partake in our ministries, while also providing a reference point for review later to all who are interested.