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Adult Sunday School Pastor Bruce Butler, Jr.
An open forum to allow for Bible based questions being answered primarily from the Pastor with some input from fellow believers. To bring clarity to those lessons that are learned personally or church wide from the Word of God while creating a spirit of awareness, understanding, and support.
Discipleship Class Minister Scott Layne
An eight to ten-week program that introduces the fundamental truths of our ministry to new babes or newly churched individuals. It includes the virgin birth, Christ was man and God, the inerrant Word of God, the Trinity, the bodily resurrection of Christ.
N.B.C Choir Audrey Butler
The adult choir consists of a dedicated group of adults that have a committed relationship with the Lord, one who can “walk” what they sing. This ministry gives an opportunity to express one’s testimony through song while being an inspiration and encouragement to others. 
Saturday Workshops
To organize and consistently equip our leaders with a plan that will provide a spirit of confidence and foundation truths to reach the lost with the Gospel, to introduce our church and our ministries, to encourage fellow believers in their personal walk with God.
Ladies Fellowship First Lady, Donna Butler
Creating monthly opportunities for ladies to gather and share without any limitations personal concerns and situations in a spiritual environment to maintain a strong Christian lifestyle within and outside the church.
Men’s Fellowship Pastor Bruce Butler, Jr.
Creating monthly opportunities for our men to interact and model for our young men what godly manhood looks lie, while fellowshipping and interacting with one another in a less formal environment and sharing personal experiences and Biblical truths.
The Listening Ear Renda Rose
Applying Gods word to our personal choices, to every wound through encouragement sharing our personal stories and journeys. Sharing strategies and resources that inspire healing of childhood abuse, sexual abuse, and rape, to bring the comfort of the Holy Spirit to light. To bring down strongholds. To help guide Gods TRUTH into our brokenness, bitterness, loneliness and pain when we thought no one heard or cared, to allow Gods word to penetrate & heal our souls as he hears our cries and tends to our needs one heart at a time by His love, truth and joy. For God gives beauty for ashes.
Grief Management Bernita Richardson
A God based ministry. A support group where we share the ways that God has shown us to live through situations that causes grief and still trust him and to minister to others. This ministry is held Saturday morning at church 10am to 11:30am, and if time permits or is needed longer.
Understanding Finances Shakeema Layne
A 3-part class on how to better understand and manage finances. The class covers an introduction to credit and how it affects your everyday life. Debt management and tips to avoid falling into the pits of debt and strategies to get out of debt. And money management, tips to budget your money better.
Young Girls to Women Cheryl Butler &Angela Fuller
This ministry focuses on teaching young girls how to love themselves, to help them deal with issues such as low self-esteem different types of insecurities that young girls face every day, and teach them how to establish true friendships and to involve God in everything that they do in their daily lives.
Introduction to Spanish Adela Melendez
In a diverse and ever-growing community, there are often many barriers, one being language. Communication being one of the most important ways to connect with others it can be beneficial to understand and speak multiple languages. To help open the language barrier we offer an introduction to the Spanish language.