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Our Mission

Discipleship: Our mission as a ministry is to focus on providing opportunities for believers in this body, the privilege and blessing of learning the unadulterated Word of God at all phases of discipleship and life. These include avenues for developing maturity and devotion to Christ, for being edified and equipped for service, and for reaching unbelievers around them with the Gospel. 
Missions: Our mission is to support any ministry deemed eligible (by the proper authority governing this body) for support for which the purpose is to evangelize people outside the immediate sphere of influence of Norristown Baptist Church, both in the United States and throughout the world.
Stewardship: Our mission is to manage the Lord's assets by accounting for finances, administering facilities and personnel, complying with church and civil government, and encouraging personal stewardship.
Worship: Our mission as the worship ministry of Norristown Baptist Church is to teach, equip, and encourage both corporately and privately.
Departmental Missions Statement
As an Independent Baptist Church, our intent is to glorify God by making disciples of all people. Disciples who manifest their growth by exalting God in worship, music, theology, by edifying and equipping believers for ministry, and by reaching out to nonbeliever spiritually first, then in every other aspect of life.